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Our community faces immense challenges at a very pivotal time in our country's history and while I truly believe that our best days are ahead of us, now more than ever we need visionary leadership that will help us navigate these challenges.

JOBS! The creation of jobs and whipping our economy into shape will be my top priority! I pledge to you that I will work tirelessly on behalf of our citizens to advance meaningful legislation; legislation that combines a balance of private and public sector partnerships that foster investment and job creation.

WATER! The 5th district, as well as the entire metro area, needs to be assured of having a clean and adequate supply of water; I will work vigorously with all relevant local and state officials, as well as other members of Congress, regardless of their political philosophy, to resolve this decades old problem so that our citizens will have the resources necessary for positive growth now and in the future.

SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE & MEDICAID! I understand the urgency surrounding the issues pertaining to the solvency of Social Security and Medicare. I will listen to our citizens, in particular our seniors, to incorporate your ideas to fashion creative and innovative solutions that reflect the valuable contributions and sacrifices made by our seniors that have helped make this country a great nation. Moreover, I will not rest until we have a Medicaid system that aids the indigent so that they will have available to them opportunities that will help elevate them from poverty.

EDUCATION! I recognize that a solid educational foundation has been and continues to be a cornerstone that has led to our nation's global dominance. America's continued status as a global leader in areas such as finance, innovation, technology, math, science and other areas is dependent on a well-educated workforce. Accordingly, I will work to ensure that education is a top priority, funded at the highest levels, so that our children will have the resources necessary to prepare them to compete and lead in the global workplace.

TAXES! We must have a tax system that is globally competitive; one that encourages investment within our borders. Furthermore, it is essential that we have a system that recognizes the necessity for businesses that have prospered financially, to contribute fairly towards the responsibility of keeping our country strong and prosperous. I will work to bring forth legislation that will help to fairly broaden our tax base and put an end to unfair disparities.

TRANSPORTATION! Our district is growing and has prospered in the past. However, no thriving metropolis such as ours can continue to grow and flourish without a modern transportation system. Our transportation needs are well documented; an extensive and innovative transportation network combining ground and rail solutions will not only alleviate traffic congestion, but save money and time and help to attract businesses.

While there are numerous issues that will need attending, the above-mentioned issues will be my top priorities when I go to work for you in Washington, D.C.

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