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Atanta Press Club Debate – Watch the video

Access the link below, then click the arrows to select the District 5 Democratic Debate.


Election Day – Tuesday, July 31st!

Let your voice be heard!  Remember to get out to vote tomorrow.  Precincts are open from 7am – 7pm.  You can check your polling location at the link below.


Vote Early: July 9th – 27th!

Early voting begins Monday, July 9th and continues Monday – Friday through July 27th.  You can even vote on Saturday, July 21st!  Check for early voting locations near you and also confirm your precinct and district with the link below!


Michael’s Statement on Health Care Ruling

Yesterday we received the long awaited U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding the constitutionality of President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act; it has been upheld!

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Affordable Health Care Act means that millions of Americans will have access to adequate and affordable health care; it means that children will have access to coverage through their parent’s health care plan through the age of twenty-six and that no one will be denied health coverage due to pre-existing conditions. BUT, we still have many more challenges that lie ahead across our country and here in the 5th district, our district.

We still have extremely high unemployment; we still have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation; we still have one of the highest child poverty rates in the country; we still pay the high water rates in the country; we still have a crumbling infrastructure; we still have an inadequate public transportation system; and, we can do a much better job in terms of securing federal funds for our congressional district.

With 33 days left to go before the July 31st Democratic primary election, we need all hands on deck. If you are concerned about your future then let’s move forward in the right direction. I want to bring more jobs to our district by supporting innovative small businesses and marketing our district as a world class, business friendly region. I want to improve education by establishing public/private sector partnerships that will invest in our children so that they can compete in the global market place. I will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors and I will work to bring home our fair share of federal funds, funds that we have been lacking, so that we will have the services that we need and deserve.

Michael officially declared his candidacy for the 5th District at theCapitol on Wed., May 23rd! Micheal 1


Democrat for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District

Cast your vote for Michael in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, July 31, 2012!

Original Tuskegee Airman Leroy Eley endorses Michael for Congress!

View the video by clicking the YouTube link (at right).

The Question of Why

Last year we embarked upon the most important phase of our campaign, knocking on doors and meeting one-on-one to hear what is important you. These face-to-face opportunities have allowed me to tell citizens across Georgia’s 5th Congressional District why I am running.

My decision to run for Congress was not a decision that I, along with my wife, made lightly. In fact, the decision to run was only arrived at after months of reflection and contemplation. I understood that I would have to give up my career as a judge, a career that I worked hard to earn and greatly cherished. That said, I made the decision to run because I care very deeply about our country and our community and I know that we deserve more.

Georgia’s 5th congressional district has been my home for my entire life. My wife was raised here and our children attend public school in this district; we are committed to seeing the 5th district thrive. I have spent my professional career as a community advocate and volunteer, attorney and judge here in our district; as your next congressman, I will work diligently on the issues impacting us nationally and locally. So many Americans today are greatly dismayed by the lack of civility, bipartisanship and the dysfunctional way in which Congress continues to conduct itself, is there any wonder that Congresses’ approval rating is at an all-time low of a mere 11%. The partisan gridlock that has engulfed Congress and brought to a screeching halt “progress for the people” has mired this country in a state of despair, hopelessness, and doubt about our future. We deserve better and ultimately, I felt compelled to STAND UP for our future!

Why run now? My decision to run now is simple: as a nation, we are at the crossroads; we are facing complex and challenging issues such as the erosion of the middle class, the safeguarding of social security and Medicare, high unemployment, the rising cost of college tuition and an outdated tax policy. These issues have been ignored and passed from Congress to Congress for decades. The members of Congress, those of the “Decades Club”, have had ample time to address and resolve the many recurring issues that we face today. Regrettably, the members of Congress have repeatedly demonstrated, in the face of necessary transformation, that they will not put aside partisanship to work for the good of the country over the good of their respective parties. This is why I am running now.

Our district has grown and evolved greatly over the last quarter of a century, the last time we had a new congressional representative. New leadership is needed now because we can no longer afford to approach every issue from a singular lens, as has been the practice for the last 25 years. As your Congressman, I will speak out and push for meaningful legislation on the issues that matter to the hard-working families of Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District. We need a forward thinker with a bold vision because our citizens understand: we will never capture the future while attempting to relive the past. Stand with me, and as your next representative, I will deliver for you!

The Worst Congress Ever…..

America is suffering through what can only be described as the reign of the Worst Congress Ever.  Beyond the so called “Do-Nothing Congress” which President Truman campaigned against in 1948, beyond the “Contract with America” Congress that oversaw the government shutdown of 1995 and even worse than the Congress that allowed the financial collapse of 2008 – this Congress has to be considered one of the worst, if not the worst congress in American History.

The Worst Congress Ever…..

America is suffering through what can only be described as the reign of the Worst Congress Ever.  Beyond the so called “Do-Nothing Congress” which President Truman campaigned against in 1948, beyond the “Contract with America” Congress that oversaw the government shutdown of 1995 and even worse than the Congress that allowed the financial collapse of 2008 – this Congress has to be considered one of the worst, if not the worst congress in American History.


Educating Our Children

Providing a first rate education to our children has to be one of our top priorities in order to ensure that our children are capable of competing with other kids nationally as well as internationally. With all of the negative press that Atlanta has received regarding its educational system, it is refreshing to be able to say that not all in our educational system is corrupt and substandard.


Remembering 9/11

Sunday will mark the ten year anniversary of the tragic events that occurred in New York, Washington, D.C and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001; on that fateful day, we lost more than three thousand men, women and children.  Like many who were of an age to understand the magnitude of the moment, I will never forget where I was at the time of the attack on our country, our way of life.  Yet, as devastating as the attacks were and despite the tough times that followed, we have persevered and our country still stands strong.


Atlanta Dead Last

Recently 11Alive reported on an article written in the Atlanta Business Chronicle regarding the city of Atlanta’s dubious distinction of coming in “dead last” in private-sector job creation when comparing the nation’s 100 biggest markets.  This news magnifies the need for a 5th district congressional representative whose top priority is job creation.  I will work closely with state and local officials and the business community to not only maintain existing jobs, but bring forth innovative ideas to create new jobs.  Additionally, I will strive to create an environment that attracts companies to our district with the promise of new jobs to expand our economy and put our citizens back to work.  See attached link to read the article.  http://t.co/2zo3y2Z

Perspective on the Debt Ceiling Debate

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

After months of extreme partisanship and an unwillingness to work collectively in the spirit of compromise for the sake of the country, a majority of the members of Congress finally decided to put the country first and resolved the debt ceiling crisis, at least for now anyway.  While I believe the bill is far from perfect, I too support its passage.


Citizens of the 5th Congressional District

Citizens of the 5th District, it is with great excitement that I announce that I am running for the office of 5th District Congressional Representative, in the Democratic primary, for our great state; and I am truly excited about the tremendous possibilities for our future. I want you to know that I did not reach the decision to undertake this endeavor lightly; to the contrary, this decision came after several years of reflective thought, prayerful consideration and dialogue with family and friends. Ultimately my family and I decided that seeking this office, at this time, is the right thing to do for several very important reasons.